Hot Food Idomeni is a non-political group providing humanitarian aid in the unofficial Idomeni refugee camp in Northern Greece. We serve 4500 hot meals every day and have established a fruitful collaboration and coordination with NGO’s and organisations, including MSF, UNHCR, and A Drop in the Ocean.


Since the closure of the unofficial Idomeni camp we have managed to build relationships with a number of the military camps and we are packing and distributing Ramadan food packs, containing a few special items to enable refugees to break their fast with nutritious, fresh food. It contains a few culturally important items such as dates and apricots. We are now reaching 10000 people a day with our Ramadan food packs.


At Elpida Home in Thessaloniki in association with the Radcliffe foundation we have established a communal kitchen and free shop that empowers residents and enables them to cook and prepare their own recipes, it has been a great success and an inspiration and model for Government and non government organisations to base their ideas for other camps on.



Since October 2016 HFI have been the sole hot food provider to the people at the old barracks in Belgrade Serbia

Currently there are an estimated 1200-1600 persons in the barracks. We are still the main hot food provider in Belgrade for these people.

Since January 2017 we have also provided 800+ hot meals per day at the new camp in Obrenovac.

Hot Food Idomeni are trusted by the communities we serve and our engagement and presence has reduced tensions on the ground on many occasions,

We continue to provide assistance and logistical support to organisations working on the ground in Northern Greece

Distributions are carried out with the utmost care. We deliver food of a high quality and high quantity in a speedy and respectful manor. Lines are managed by paying close attention to those who are trying to push in, approaching people with good humour and dignity. We don’t feel the need for security fences or guardrails but instead provide abundant meals and deliver food quickly to ensure that everyone gets food. We also deliver our food at a consistent time and location which helps build trust in our distribution.

We rely on volunteers and donations,

If you wish to make a donation by direct bank transfer, our details are below

Hot Food Idomeni

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