3 Popular Pizza Flavors You Must Definitely Try

The best part of pizza is that you can experiment with endless topping variations to create flavors which meets your cravings. Pizza may have come from Italy in the first place, but it is famous all over the world. Pizza needs to have three mandatory ingredients at the most. This very dish needs no consensus on which topping is the best. The most basic one is made of dough with a topping of cheese and sauce only. You can add a few pepperoni in there if you want a topping. There are endless ways to experiment with this. This article enlists the most famous pizza flavors you must definitely give a try.

  1. Plain old cheese

So this may not be a style, but for many cheese pizza is the only real type or classic pizza style out there. It comes on a dough, tomato sauce, a tad bit of mozzarella, provolone or sometimes parmesan. This is the most tried and true and the most classic variation of pizza everyone knows about. This dish is a hot and chewy classic you can get at any pizza joint or a fancy gourmet shop or even frozen. Add in extra cheese to make it tastier and gooier.

  1. Pepperoni

This is also a classic, just throw in a few or a lot of slices of pepperoni on the top of the cheese and you may end up with a greasy, spicy and the Best Pizza in Peoria AZ. It really tastes delicious both at a local pizza joint and as a gourmet dish and is really easy to make at home. Pepperoni pizza is popular in the west and pepperoni is an American version of salami. It is made from cured beef and pork. You would never find pepperoni in Italy. The meat is cut into circular pieces and put on pizza as its topping.

  1. Double cheese pizza

This is one of the most famous pizza flavors all over the world, especially preferred by vegetarians as this pizza comes served with double thick layer of cheese. This very pizza is also preferred by cheese lovers. The additional cheese layers make it look attractive, delicious and lip smacking. It perfectly fits the concept of pizza as they were made to be cheesy in the first place.

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