How to Make the Good Ol’ Classic Burger Like A Pro?

Burgers are merely sandwiches that have a patty which may have veggies or meat inside. You can come up with your own taste and choose one accordingly. You can flavor it up by adding toppings like lettuces, sliced onions, tomatoes and condiments such as ketchup, sauces and other spices as well.

Ingredients needed

  1. Potatoes or Meat
  2. Chopped onions
  3. Thinly sliced tomatoes
  4. Ginger and Garlic paste or ginger powder
  5. Oil
  6. Breadcrumbs or rice flour
  7. Buns
  8. Sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise


  • You can either go with veggies or meat to make the burger patty. If you are going with the former, then go for potatoes, chopped onions and beans. You can also go with frozen food, but you may need to take proper measures for the same. If choosing meat, go for lean meat or meat having fat. The best choice usually is red meat.
  • Regardless of you choosing veggies or meat, mix them well with spices and flavoring like ginger garlic paste and salt and pepper.
  • Mould this mixture in the size and shape of tennis balls.
  • Dampen your palm slightly and flatten these balls by squeezing them in your palm. Ensure to make these at least 3 to 4 cm thick.
  • Dip them into rice flour or breadcrumbs to bind them.
  • The thickness also affects the taste and the exterior of the burger patty. If the thickness is smaller, it can be cooked better than the patty which is thicker. It also takes less time to cook but leaves lesser chances of the patty remaining pinkish and uncooked.

  • Never use a spatula to flatten the patty as all its juice will pour out due to the pressure, compromising the taste and feel of the patty.
  • Keep turning the patty upside down frequently while frying or roasting it.
  • Always be wary of your stove flame as it can damage the taste.
  • While the patty is being cooked, you can prepare the toppings to be added over the patty like lettuce, tomatoes or even onion rings.
  • Split the bun into two halves and roast them on both sides too.
  • Start prepping the burger by applying ketchup, mayo and toppings of your choice in the middle, over your patty and place the other half of the bun on top. Your burger is now ready to be devoured.

If you don’t have a griller, you can cook it in a frying pan, roast it or even barbeque it. The gist is to have the patty end up juicy and tasty.


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