The Different Varieties Available to Order A Delicious Pizza

Pizza is the tasty and delicious fast food dish loved by many people in Italy. Usually, it is round in shape made with wheat dough, which is topped with cheese, tomatoes, olives, meat, anchovies, and more. This dough will be baked in oven at high temperature to make it tasty.

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Here is some information about various kinds of pizza that helps to purchase favorite flavor pizza for you, your friends, family member or guests.

Different styles of pizza

  • Chicago pizza – This type of pizza is also known as deep-dish. It will have raised edges, thick crust, and looks like a pie. Ingredients like mozzarella slices, vegetables, and meat will be used in dough. Finally, it will be topped with crushed tomatoes, onions, ground beef, etc.

  • New York pizza – It is the most popular style among the America’s regional pizzas. Its outer crust will be crispy and the slices are very large, and foldable. Usually, pizza will be topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce but favorite choice for most of them is red pepper, oregano, garlic powder, and Parmesan cheese.
  • Neapolitan pizza – If you want cheap pizza to eat quickly, then it is the perfect choice. Also, it is available in different flavors like Pizza Marinara, Margherita, and Margherita extra.
  • Sicilian pizza – It is called as “sfincione”, features are square-cut with tomato sauce and crunchy crust. The dough will be topped by using ingredients like onions, tomatoes, herbs, and anchovies. You can take it with either cheese or without cheese as per your preference.
  • California pizza – You can choose a thick or thin crust with any ingredient as per your choice. Also, you can add artichokes, chicken, eggs, goat cheese whatever you like to eat. This uniqueness will make it a special pizza.

Also, there are other pizza styles like Greek, Detroit, and St. Louis, which are made with various ingredients to give different flavor to the pizza.

Before ordering a pizza, make sure whether you need a thick or a thin crust pizza as it is one of the reasons for a tasty pizza. Also, make sure which ingredients you like most, type of sauce, toppings, etc. Choose a reputed restaurant and order your favorite pizza to make your day special.


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