Three Practical Tips to Clean Up Real Maple Syrup Spills

Real maple syrup is very tasty. It can be used for binding together goods, finishing up a dish, and be beaten for on its own. Maple syrup providers like Cadeau corporatif Délices Erable & cie that only drawback about using real maple syrup is the real sticky mess. That is maple syrup lovers want to know some tips on how to clean up such messes.

Working with maple syrup is bound to result in a drop, smear, or spill eventually. But, if you know how to clean syrup spills, the mess won’t be a problem to you at all. Below are some remedies you can apply when you spill maple syrup on any surfaces:

Spills On a Small Surface

If you spill syrup on something small and hard like a plate, just soak the syrup thing on a very hot soapy water for some time. Then, just wipe it clean. Using temperature to your advantage will make it easier for you to deal with syrup spills. Also, think about freezing and scraping, though a hot water soak is often an all-around easier.

Spills on Permanent Surfaces

Maple syrup may also pill on the permanent surfaces in your kitchen like the floor, counters, and shelves. To clean the spills on these surfaces, you can use a sponge or cloth dipped in very hot soapy water and press it onto the spill until it’s loose enough to wipe up easily. Also, you can use a paint scraper or spatula to scrape off the spill. While this may not be a perfect method, it can get a bulk of the spill up quickly for big messes. Table salt or flour can be placed over the spill so you can buy some time and stop the spread. Some stick-proof products are available at your local hardware store but make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

Spills on You

To get rid of a maple syrup spill on you, just wipe your skin with a warm, soapy rag.  Never use a product from the hardware store on your skin. In case maple syrup spills on your clothes, use warm soapy water on it or smear before you put the clothes in with the laundry. This prevents the spread of the syrup to other clothes in your washer.

There are many reasons to use real maple syrup for your meals. The stickiness is not much of a hassle because you can simply get rid of any spills with warm water and soap.


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