Top Tips For Ordering Indian Food For Your Next Party!

Planning a house party can be an overwhelming experience, and most hosts want the guests to have a memorable dining time. Instead of going for the same old Mexican, Italian fare or sandwiches and roasted chicken, you can consider trying Indian food as an option. There are selected restaurants that offer Indian catering in Denver, and if you are trying to create a menu, here are some quick tips to consider.

Don’t miss the starters

Indian food has some amazing starters, and these don’t have to be high on spices. For those who want to play safe, try some of the tandoori items. Tandoor refers to a clay oven, where food is cooked at a high flame, and the smoke and spices infuse the dish with incredible flavors. You can try paneer or chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, tandoori prawns for instance. Momo, although not an Indian dish technically, is a good choice, while you can also try pakoras.

Check for the curries

Curries in Indian food refer to the gravies, and every state in the country has its own take on the curry. If you are a fan of spicy food, vindaloo is a great choice, while for those who want to take things easy, paneer or chicken butter masala will work better. The good news is caterers can reduce or increase the spice quotient depending on how you like it, so do your homework right and find a good catering service. For more dry kind of curries that work well with the Indian breads, think of korma or bhuna, which can be made with chicken, fish, egg or paneer.

Assorted breads are a must

Indian breads can be a different experience for westerners, and we recommend that you check for the varied options, such as the classic roti, tandoori roti, naan, butter naan, or something more exotic like a stuffed naan, which usually contains minced meat. Naans work with any kind of curry or gravy of your choice.

Include the beverages and desserts

Indians love their desserts, and everything from simple mango custard and gulab jamun to kheer is a good choice. As for the beverages, lassi, which is made from yoghurt and sugar, is a good recommendation. Make sure that you check with the caterer in advance, because some desserts and drinks are best served chilled.

Check for Indian caterers near you and ask for an estimate today!


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