What is the Difference between Wet Cat Food and Dry Cat Food?

Wet Cat food

Cans usually have wet food in them, but this can also be found in pouches. Both the variants make it easy to offer various flavors and smaller parts can make the portion control easy as well. Wet cat food has more than 65 percent moisture. Hence, it should not be left in the open for more than an hour at a time to avoid bacterial growth. Wet cat food surely has its benefits like:

  1. Cats love the texture and ingredients
  2. Easy for them to chew
  3. More variants in diet
  4. Increases total water intake

Wet cat food is wholly a hundred percent balanced and is essential for any cat’s diet.

Dry cat food

Dry cat food is also famous because it offers convenience. It is available in larger bags and due to its moisture content, which is less than 20 percent, it also comes with the benefit of having a longer shelf life even after opening the pack. This renders it cost effective. There is also less risk of bacterial growth with dry food, so always give it to your cat while you are busy in something. Crunchy dry cat food also keeps the plaque and tartar accumulation on your cat’s teeth at bay.

Which is better?

Eventually, it is up to your cat’s preference on what they want to eat: dry food or wet food. The experts suggest feeding a combination of both the foods. This makes sure that they get plenty of moisture in their food, dental advantages and adding the variety in her diet to keep them interested. Cats are also fond of trying new things. Sometimes, they may get bored of eating the same food for a long period. When you mix the both or feeding them separately can help you do wonders and strengthens your emotional connection with them. Cat lovers are aware of how indifferent your cat can get towards humans. Gaining trust on the food and keeping them interested on the varieties is the way to go. You can also try various serving methods. Many cats prefer the wet cat food fluffed and served on a wide plate or a low edged bowl. Some prefer to eat from the can itself. Once you determine the serving style your cat prefers, they will love the dry-wet combo of cat food daily.

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